Life Insurance For Smoker

Life Insurance For Smoker

You can get life insurance even if you are smoking. Your life insurance premiums may high than non-smokers. You may have to pay more cost on life insurance policies, because it is true that you have become smoker and your heart is not same as non-smoker. Before buying policies, they can check your health status.

There are many plans available and their premiums may be four time higher than a non-smoker. Now what are you thinking about quitting smoking?

In America, every year on third Thursday of November, people take part in the Great American Smoke out event and promise to quit tobacco and smoking.

Check out this How to Quit Smoking Guide for helpful tips.

I am taking this image from one website which has listed the health issues with cigarette smoking.

I know my 30 year old friend who do not smoke while we were study together. But after college, he went to BBA and MBA college and start smoking with his friends. He is doing job now for 6 years and still smoking. I used to tell him to quit smoking but he could not able to quit. I am writing live experience here. He took life insurance and paying premiums. He has proud that he bought life insurance, now what is the fear about. It is not fair.

You can take life insurance if you quit smoking. Just notify your life insurance agent and get it. Visit for more information and top life insurance companies quotes comparison. If I am a chain smoker and I die unexpectedly, what will happen of my family members. Do not late. Get It now!


Are you not buying Life insurance?

Are you not buying life insurance?

Only 52% Millennials have life insurance and its data is showing in the following infographics, I am going to embed with you. Have a look. I was checking blog of Life Happens and found the following data and got shocked. I used to check this blog regular basis to update myself about life insurance and its importance.

Thanks Life Happens and Limra for this wonderful infographics.

To learn more about it, you need life insurance and decide to get life insurance. Visit:

Life Insurance For Parents Over 60

Life Insurance for Parents Over 60

Today, we are here to discuss about the life insurance for our parents. I personally believe that people are never too young to invest in life insurance. We are many of single people generally failed to realize the benefit of life insurance for our parents, seniors, kids etc. The main reason of this failure is lack of information and knowledge. We should always ready to invest in life insurance for ourselves and for our families.

I choose this topic for our senior parents so that I could educate them all the importance for life insurance for parents over 60 age. It must be needed for parents over 60 ages. Life is not ever easy. We should think about our parents.

Life Insurance For Parents Over 60
Life Insurance For Parents Over 60

When we start living and spend some time with our parents, we will start understanding the feeling of them that what they are thinking about life insurance and insecurity of their future life. No people will talk about life insurance until you are old. That is the lack of knowledge. If someone would have told me to get one, i would have taken life insurance for my whole family.

Financial Future Security After Retirement

We go to business seminar, life insurance seminar and discuss about our life styles, financial future with life insurance or any other sources like successful direct marketing or MLM business. Why am I discussing about MLM business growth, this also help people in their old age. Through the vast network and team, you will be getting huge money which will take care of your old age. So, you can do MLM business too in your young age to protect your old age and financial future.

If we are doing any job or business, we talk about life insurance in later stage of life. Although we should think about in our young age. If you do not have any children and there is no any financial obligation in your life or no any big responsibilities in your life. Shouldn’t we think about life insurance in this stage?

These are three questions we should ask ourselves:

  1. Are we going to provide financial support to our older parents or any other relatives?
  2. Do we have any debt or loan which we would not going to pass to our family if we die prematurely?
  3. Do we have enough money to pay for education?

There are many more questions arises if we think about life insurance for parents over 80 to 85 aged?

If we are not late, we at least take good and early decisions about our parents and their health insurance. It will give us peace of mind.

AARP Life Insurance

AARP Life Insurance

AARP Life Insurance is an insurance program started by the New York Insurance  Company. The main aim of this insurance is to serve health benefits to the interested individuals.

The concept of this insurance is based on the health details provided by the respective individuals.  The best part is that there are different coverages available.  This program is endorsed by AARP.

AARP Life Insurance
AARP Life Insurance

Moreover,  this program ensures that the individuals do not have to undergo any time consuming tests to get enrolled in the AARP Life Insurance.

Should I Choose AARP Life Insurance If I’m Over 50?

Even if you have accepted the aarp life insurance over 50 indicate in your thoughts, you can still take on an excellent and useful aarp life insurance plan for 50 aged senior citizens coverage system.

AARP term life insurance for seniors

So lengthy as you look at the coverage over 50 that offer the better provides to the over 50s. The AARP term life insurance organization for retired people, is an organization that is very well known by the over 50s team, supporting to provide secure life of our seniors after retirement.

Many people in our relationships are retired and can use the AARP life insurance program rather than any other insurance companies.

Top Health Insurance Companies List 2016-2018 in USA

Top Health Insurance Companies in USA 2016 to 2018

Top Health Insurance Companies List 2016 in USA
Top Health Insurance Companies List 2016 in USA

#25. Cambia Health Solutions Inc.

#24. Metropolitan Group

#23. BCBS of Massachusetts Group

#22. Lifetime Healthcare Group

#21. UHC of California

#20. Molina Healthcare Inc. Group

#19. Health Net of California, Inc.

#18. Carefirst Inc. Group

#17. Wellcare Group

#16. California Physicians’ Service

#15 Guidewell Mutual Holdings Group


#14 BCBS of Michigan Group


#13 BCBS of New Jersey Group


#12 HIP Insurance Group


#11 Centene Corp Group


#10 Independence Blue Cross Group


#9 Blue Shield of California Group


#8 Highmark Group


#7 Cigna Health Group


#6 HCSC Group


#5 Humana Group


#4 Aetna Group


#3 Wellpoint Inc. Group


#2 Kaiser Foundation Group


#1 UnitedHealth Group


Best? Not necessarily. But these health insurers have the biggest market share.

Source: Internet Research

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10. SBLI

  • A.M. Best Rating: A+
  • Website

9. Prudential (Pruco)

8. Protective Life Insurance Company

7. North American Company For Life and Health Insurance

6. MetLife

5. Genworth

4. Foresters Life Insurance

3. Banner Life

2. American National Insurance Company (ANICO)

1. American General (AIG)

Source: Internet

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Life Insurance For Seniors HIV Patients

Life Insurance For Seniors HIV Patients

Way of life Insurance plan Assured Issue

•NO healthcare concerns
•NO healthcare exams
•NO healthcare tests

Believe it or not, there are some assures to have. Assured approval life insurance. That means that problems with your wellness record will now be a subject put to rest with guaranteed entire life.

Life Insurance For Seniors HIV Patients
Life Insurance For Seniors HIV Patients

If you’ve had the distressing experience of not getting approved for insurance because of your previous healthcare or wellness record, then you know what a trial it is searching for a company that will agree to your application. Well, search no more.A Evaluated Advantage entire life plan can provide your close relatives members with up to $50,000 of tax-free loss of life benefit just when they will need it most. What’s better, this is guaranteed entire life.

Although there have been healthcare improvements that have assisted it is possible to the lifestyles of HIV sufferers, finding insurance for HIV contaminated people carries on to be challenging.

According to the most recent research by The Gretchen J. Kaiser Family Base, the amount of new HIV attacks in the U.S. achieved 56,300 in 2006. The amount of people residing with HIV/AIDS was 1.1 million, with 468,000 of those people residing with AIDS. The U.S. Division of Health insurance Human Services revealed in 2007, that the biggest variety of new HIV/AIDS determines for individuals older 40 to 44 paid for for 15 percent of all HIV/AIDs determines in that year.

Life Insurance For Seniors HIV Patients

Respectively, the use of antiretroviral (ARV) Treatment or highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) such as protease inhibitors with a mixture of other HIV drugs have prolonged the lifetime of those residing with HIV by reducing the development of the disease to full-blown AIDS. Research by the Nationwide AIDS Treatment Loyality Venture in New You are able to and the ATHENA Nationwide Observational Cohort Research in Feb 2010 discovered that the average lifespan of people residing with HIV has been prolonged from seven decades (before 1995) to 24 decades – if they follow the proper drugs therapy routine for insurance for seniors HIV patients. For example those who take their medicines on consistently and maintain cook.

Ryan Pinney, broker home and life affected threat professional at Pinney Insurance plan Center Inc. in Roseville, Calif. says following improvement drugs drinks that reverse the infection- those with HIV can expect to reside longer much healthier lifestyles.

“If you shortened HIV in the delayed 70s or early 80s, it was a loss of life phrase. These days, with the addition of antiviral drugs, it is not unusual for those with HIV to reside Twenty decades without the condition creating into AIDS,” says Pinney.
Whose at risk?

When it comes to purchasing life insurance, most people who have been identified as having HIV will be confronted with an automated decrease or substantially high rates.

“You would have to have a cutting-edge to make the figures work out when trying to write protection for someone with HIV,” says Hoven. “When you look at the figures the cost would be so astonomical that no one would buy it [the policy].”

“If you have been identified as having HIV, getting life insurance may be challenging, but it’s not unprecedented,” says Pinney. “It can be done if you get insurance through a group plan, such as an company, trade organization or partnership.”

However, if you are HIV-positive and you attempt to get life insurance on your own, most insurance organizations will do not sell you protection, this contains businesses that offer “simplified issue” insurance protection where you would only have to respond a few wellness concerns. Even when seeking a simple problem plan, you will likely be required to fix HIV/AIDS. Other, more traditional individual life insurance providers may also ask that you take an HIV analyze.

The need by insurance providers of an HIV analyze differs by state and the face value of the plan,” says Kim McKeown, representative for the Community of Actuaries. “Nonetheless, the underwriting procedure is used to identify details on one’s healthcare information, and if the person is taking antiviral drugs which would be in the permanent healthcare record, this might immediate an insurance provider to ask for an HIV analyze. Even with the best drugs, folks with HIV do have a reduced lifespan so the best details possible is very important during the underwriting procedure.

* Life Insurance For Seniors HIV Patients