$31 Million Owed in Life Insurance

A state audit has discovered 31-million dollars in unpaid life insurance benefits.

State Treasurer, John Kennedy declared the discovery Tuesday. He says, the money was found when comparing outstanding policies of a dozen insurance companies with social security death records.

Kennedy says the money belongs to Louisianians who didn’t realize they were in line for benefits from insurance policies.

One woman was cut a check for 500-thousand dollars.

To learn if you have benefits or other unclaimed property owed to you. http://www.treasury.state.la.us/default.aspx


Widow’ collected $2M life insurance

MINNEAPOLIS — Several years after Igor Vorotinov’s spouse informed his insurance provider that he passed away in Moldova, the FBI grew suspicious.

The supposed loss of life of Igor in Oct 2011 netted his widow, Irina Vorotinov, allegedly of Oregon, Walnut Grove and Plymouth, more than $2 thousand from a life insurance claim.

That claim — which involved a poorly putrefied body found lying on the side of a rural Moldovan village road — was incorrect, prosecutors now say.

In March 2012, she had got a check from Mutual of Omaha for $2,048,414.09 in life insurance proceeds.

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